About Us


DERMACARE was founded on the principle that professional acne medication and care should not be an agonizing experience or prohibitively expensive.

DERMACARE connects patients who suffer from acne or want to fight signs of aging skin with board certified doctors who prescribe each patient a customized acne treatment based on the patient’s skin.  Patient receive their custom medication in the mail in 2-4 business all at a fraction of the price of traditional prescription skin care products. Patients have been delighted with our service, as 80% of our new customers are referrals from existing happy customers.


Alex Jovanovich MD

Medical School: Chicago Medical School – AOA Honors Society

Residency: University of Chicago – Chief Resident

Certification: American Board of Family Medicine

Alex Jovanovich, MD (fondly known as “Dr. J”) is a native of Chicago, IL where he operates a concierge medical practice specializing in preventive and aesthetic medicine with a focus on skin rejuvenation,  acne & anti-aging.

Dr. J developed DERMACARE to help those he saw struggling with acne, wrinkles, and blemishes on a daily basis. Having suffered from severe acne himself in the past, Dr. J understands the profound social and emotional impact it can have on an individual.

As a primary care physician, Dr. J regularly encounters those who suffer from treatable skin conditions going improperly treated simply because of the cost or inconvenience. People can wait for months to see a dermatologist, only to learn (the hard way) that their insurance doesn’t cover the outrageous cost of medications, let alone much of the office visit.

Individuals with completely treatable acne, blemishes, or aging skin often spend years unhappy with their appearance, believing they can’t afford of find the right treatment to have better looking skin. Dr. J created the DERMCARE to remove the barriers to prescription acne treatment so that everyone can have the skin they deserve.

Our pharmacy’s high-quality ingredients come directly from the supplier, which means our customers don’t pay retail pharmacy prices. Combining state-of-the-art telemedicine technology with the BEST available prescription acne medications, DERMACARE provides a customized topical skin treatment that prevents & fights 90% of all acne while reducing signs of aging all for a fraction of the normal price.

Dr. J invites you to experience the DERMACARE difference and Love Your Skin!